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Where we are and why Everyone Wants to Kill Us

So my attempt at producing a two-page introduction for the players of my Virtual Grogmeet 2024 game, By this Shining Light, My Hand is Guided, failed miserably. I had forgotten the wonderful depth of the setting, especially now that things like the Glorantha Sourcebook and the RQ Wiki make it easy to reference events and notable characters. So, I cheated. I wrote a three-page narrative account and then did a bullet-pointed summary. The players are under no obligation to read it (this isn’t homework for a BMyth Glorantha Studies) , but at least it gets everything cemented in my head and a bullet point list to explain to the players during the set-up of the game.

So here we go…

Convention Game

Setting up an Online Convention Game

So, my game for Virtual Grogmeet 2024 has been accepted and has a full set of players. HURRAH!

Now I’ve got a couple of weeks to prepare for the game.

This is the message I’ve just sent the players to help set up the game. The main bit is working out what level of system and setting knowledge they have. Are they die-hard RQ Grogs who’ve played every edition, or newcomers who perhaps know of RQ and Glorantha from its reputation (possibly played it once in the 80s or 90s—since Grogmeet’s target audience is returning gamers from that time period), or somewhere in between? In recent face-to-face games I’ve had a mixture of both.

Hello Players!

This is just an introductory message to say hi!

I’m currently preping for the game. I’ve got characters that have previously been made and are in full character sheets. I’m going to consider whether to present them in a shorter format or not.

At the moment, I’m going to be using Zoom for Audio/Visual with dice rolls on trust.

There will be some short handouts about the character’s background and previous history together – nothing too taxing and designed to be useful if you are a newcomer to the game.

Talking of which, can everybody introduce themselves – using human names and what level of Gloranthan and RuneQuest knowledge do you have? Don’t worry if you are new to either system or setting or have a combination of experiences. Its just useful to know as GM so I can quickly get everyone on the same page.

I’ll start.

Hi, I’m Newt. I started playing in Glorantha with a mate’s one-on-one RuneQuest 2 game, where I was a human who visited Troll Town, got to know about the hero Arkat in character – and the whole how to run Glorantha from my friend, the GM out of character. In the 90s, I started my own Gloranthan adventure, running RuneQuest 3 for my University friends, graduating to HeroQuest in the 2000s, and dabbling in RQ G with a couple of Convention games and a short campaign online. I do have a deep, obsessive relationship with the background – but I have a strong commitment to running accessible Mega Gaming Fun games for everyone.

How about you?

;O) Newt